Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On to #4

I know Jason loves me.  I have never questioned this...ever.  But I sometimes wonder if he has some latent hostility towards me.  Let me explain.

When we got married, we bought each other pretty simple wedding rings.  His was just a white gold band.  I think it cost me around $170, and I purchased it at an actual jewelry store. It was nothing exciting, but it would last, and in an emergency, it could be cut off.

However, about a year and a half after we were married, we were in Mexico building (you know, where it's sandy), and Jason took off his gloves, tossed them into the truck, and we left the worksite.  About 20 miles down the road, he realized his ring finger was bare- and Mexico was now the proud owner of our symbol of committment.

Well...that's to be expected, right?  I mean, things like that happen all the time, and he had lost some weight, so it was a little loose.  Instead of spending another $170 dollars, we opted this time to head to JC Penny, and we bought him a $70 stainless steel ring.  It still was a symbol of our marrige, and it could still be cut off if he should ever get hurt.  OR- about 4 months later he would do the exact same thing as before- and yet another ring was forever lost in a foreign country.  *sigh*

Okay- so this time, we'll make it simple.  As we passed by a kiosk in the mall, I said, "hey, let's get you another ring."  There it was- the only one in his size...a sterling silver ring with little chains engraved in the side(you know- symbolizing how he's chained to me, right?)....and it only cost $14.99.  Excellent.

It wasn't the best ring.  Soap was always getting gooped up in the engraving, and the little chains snagged our bathroom hand towels.  But, there it was still- on his finger to keep all those other girls from oogling him.  He's taken.  Chained to me.  Yep, the ring was tacky, but at least it was there- claiming he was mine.

So, to make sure he didn't lose it again, this past weekend, he took it off and put it on his caribbeaner (where he keeps his keys in Mexico).  And then he forgot to take it off the caribbeaner, so it was left in his truck.  Today he remembered to get it.  Uh-  This is his ring:
It really took a beating, hanging there against his hip.  Guess that's what you get with a ring from a mall kiosk.  So, we're moving on to ring #4.  So- is it latent hostility towards me that makes him lose/damage the symbol of our marriage?  Or, is this just destined to be the never-ending story of our evolving relationship? 

Of course it's the latter- but at this point, I'm thinking I'm either going to encourage him to get a tattoo on his finger, or I will just crochet him thousands of little rings, and he can lose them all he wants!

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